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We source and package the best property deals for YOU…

Area Property Investment Ltd can simplify life by bringing high return investment deals to you.


We source from all over the United Kingdom. Before passing deals on to investors, each prospect is analysed and must meet our strict standards.


We can also offer reduced-price properties in need of refurbishment, others at discounted rates for quick sales, as well as lease option deals.

Area Property Investment Ltd hold itself to high standards.
Each prospective deal must meet our criteria before being considered for a viewing. A few examples can be found below:

1. Good condition


Only properties in very good condition are eligible for us to do viewings. We have a detailed checklist that our sourcers always use during viewings.


We check the properties as carefully as if we would buy them for ourselves. If works are needed, this will be disclosed prior to sale alongside quotes from our network of tradesmen in many cases.


2. 4 lettable rooms as a minimum


For the highest return on investment, we make the effort to source properties starting in this price range.


However we will source properties with a higher purchase price as long as the return on investment is a minimum of 20%. We always aim at a minimum of 30% in these cases.


3. Room rent requirements


The minimum number of rentable rooms is 4 bedrooms. Furthermore each bedroom must comply with local standards eg. sizes typically must be 6.5m2 (70 sqft).


4. Local management team


Our sourced properties will have a management team in place. Be it, an HMO, single let, or serviced accommodation.


For example, for an HMO property we will have checked that there is an HMO manager in the area who is confident the property will let.

5. Close proximity to town centre – maximum of 15 minutes


Pertaining mainly to HMO properties, research shows that most HMO tenants need convenient access to public transportation, jobs, town/city centres.


Once we are satisfied that a given property has met these criteria, due diligence is carried out including the following:


Consult with local letting agents/investors to confirm rental demand, income, supply in the area and advice on location. The decision to keep the property or walk away will be based on these key details. We will never package a deal if rental demand is in question.


  1. Verification of true market value will be supported by comparable properties in the area from various online resources. If the numbers indicate great returns, we are happy to pay the asking price.
  2. In the case of HMOs, we provide estimates from local tradesmen for conversion costs to get the property in compliance with licensing rules. These will only be estimate and should never be mistaken for a final figure for conversion.
  3. Confirmation of local authority’s license fee is (if required) will be given

Once we’re sure the property is a great investment will we will then pass this to our investors.

“We only source and package properties that we’d be happy holding ourselves.”

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